Find out why you should not upgrade yet to windows 10? And check the results what is the best version of Windows today…

2015 is not the best time to upgrade to Windows 10

Windows 10 is very slow! Hold your upgrade plan and consider Windows 8.1

To save your time, I will put my recommendation 1st before explaining everything.

So far, the fastest version of Windows and most user friendly is Windows 8.1, so I am recommending to start upgrading those old win XP and win 7 to Windows 8.1 and if you already have Windows 8.1 you should better stick with it for now.

Here are the reasons why you should consider holding off all your upgrade plan to Windows 10:

  1. Upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10 is so painful and time consuming, its much faster to upgrade windows 7 to windows 8.1
  2. Windows 10 is running too much resources on login, including almost several tiles.
  3. Service Host: Local Systems in Windows 10 is using almost 99% percent of CPU usage and sometimes affect other program to run properly. Windows 8.1 handles service host and local systems very well.
  4. Screen burp and freeze, I still don’t know why this happen. I upgraded all my drivers but the I continue experiencing the same problem.
  5. Windows update in Windows 10 is very hard to control and it run almost all the time. There is no way to refresh the previously listed updates. I already upgraded to Office 2016 and removed all my Office 2013 but Windows Update still displays update for Office 2013. Unfortunately, after several attempts of restarting my PC and searching google, the problem still persists.
  6. Boot up time is much faster in Windows 8.1 compared to Windows 10, I already did several optimizations on my SSD but windows 8.1 runs smoothly compared to windows 10.
  7. Assigned access is better in Windows 8.1 where you can just lock one app for your kids. 
  8. EDGE browser handles multiple tab very poorly. I still use the internet explorer, chrome and firefox for browsing.
  9. Search windows is much better in Windows 8.1 if you are not connected to the internet. In windows 10 it checks the internet first even though you are offline that is why it is too freaking slow in starting apps.
  10. And lastly Windows 10 is always phoning home, running too much internet resources.

There are a lot of nice features in Windows 10 that are covered by several news media, and I agree with almost all of them. Windows 10 is a nice OS, its fresh, new and somewhat innovative. If you are ready to handle the problem I mentioned above, I am not stopping you from upgrading to Windows 10. Good luck on your upgrade and I hope those problems are already resolved when you upgrade to Windows 10.

Feel free to leave a comment if you encounter the same problem or if I failed to mention other problems that you encountered. 

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