The World Worst Invention - The Apple Lightning Cable

The world worst invention that we are still using today Year 2015

It was hailed by some to be fast and will replace our universal tools back then and so it was introduced back in Year 2012. Some fanatics was aghast what will happen to their investment on several docks and accessories.

Did you know that!
Most of the company selling peripherals supporting the old apple connector lost billions of inventories sitting idle in store and warehouses. Some are still on sale today with 75% discount.

Some fans cheers for faster connections and transfer rate. But the celebration was short lived, they were horrified to see the new technology became their biggest nightmares suddenly their new cable stop working, they tried to run and get new replacement but just like me, I already got more than 4 of this lightning fast cable, so fast it breaks every 3 months or so. I even tried buying knock off products but the same problems persist the design is too flaw that you need to spend new cable every 3-6 months depending om the usage.

I thought with the new iPhone6s or iPad Pro they will introduce new cables but no, it still the same cable.

For me and my opinion this is the world worst invention of the 21st Century and the greatest disaster in technology, the Lightning Cable by APPLE.

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