the Linear Organic Leaf learning principle

the Linear Organic Leaf learning principle

-jcombalicer 16June2015

The Linear Organic Leaf learning principle,
answers the common question of how we fail to understand
a big problem of our learning capabilities.

The most common problem for people seeking to learn
is neither not the lack of understanding
nor the lack of tools
not even the lapses of the educator
and mostly not even the lack of time
but the lack of guiding principle.

The Linear Organic Leaf learning principle
gives the learner the view of the whole picture
to understand the entire goal from beginning to end

It was like following a main story line
with mini sub plot
and within that sub plot
there are micro sub plots and so on.

If someone look at the micro sub plot,
they can trace it back to the main story line
and can get the complete understanding of the entire goal.

Just like a Leaf, the main story line
can grow organically without limit
to the quest of the learners and educator's ability.

When someone wants to learn something new
they can focus entirely on understanding of the goal
without the need to understand the supporting leaf.

This can be attributed to the level of understanding of the learner.

If a learner is already advanced,
they don't need to go to the deeper leaf to understand every meaning of it,
since the learner already understood it in advance.

A basic learner can go from each leaf to another,
according to the needs and requirements,
or according to what they want to understand based on the level of skills.
This principle makes it easier for educator to create modules
and other learning tools according to the level, language and skills of the learner.

The whole Linear Organic Leaf learning principle
can also be used for Project Management,
as a replacement of the Gantt Chart.
This support the sudden growth or changes in the Project Management Life cycle.

The same Linear Organic Leaf learning principle,
can also be use for software development.
It can compliments the Agile Methodology by providing the modular systems
and organic growth of the application according to the client needs.

This can also help in Artificial Intelligence Research,
the Human Mind is composed of several neurons
and creates an organic link according to the body needs.

A robot with an AI with Linear Organic Leaf
can grow its memory and intelligence organically depending on its environment
and challenges that it needs to adopt to.

The Linear Organic Leaf learning principle addresses
the common problem of understanding basic goals and principle of a certain project or task.

The whole principle will open the possibilities of consolidated
and connected references of open internet.
This will open the doors of faster research, coordination, communication and etc.

It will hasten the development and growth of science and technology
and will give people the right understanding
of creating better solutions
for better communities.

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