The Door Series #00 - Will you open the doors for me?

The Door Series #00 - Will you open the doors for me?

-jcombalicer 19 June 2015

Whenever you knock on my door, I always open it without questions, hesitations or judgement.
I accepted you for who you are,
I became your crying shoulder,
I've been your punching bag
who listen to all your pains,
I shared all my blessings without asking anything in return,
I gave you kind words to lift you up,
though you are wrong, I became your most honest friend to tell you that you are indeed wrong.
I am your friend forever.
Will you do same when I fall?
Will you open your doors for me?
Will you accept me for who am I?
Will you trust and put your confidence in me?
Will you lend your ears to listen to all my pains?
Will you share your blessings more than what you can offer?
Will you lift me up?
Will you be there to tell me I am wrong and stand up for me.
My friend I hope someday you will realize how good I am to you and I will always be.
I know you are as well.
Thank you for being a real friend to me.

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