Your TEAM Failed Big Time! And!?. You are wondering! Why!?

Your TEAM Failed Big Time! And!?. You are wondering! Why!?

If your team will perform the task in the video, how would you rate your rate of success?
Have you ever also asked your team about your rate of failure?
Or you failed to consider your failure?

A leader doesn't always work inside the four corners of an office.
Most often you will always find a good leader outside the comfort of an office.

Orchestrating the most efficient and productive orchestra in motion.
With a common goal in mind and best objective.
To finish the task in SAFE and Efficient Manner.

LET US SEE HOW your team can compete to this task?

How much time will your team devote for planning?
How about how much time your team will devote for politicking?
Asking each one who has the best plan.
Or maybe wasting everyone's time for trying to bring down all proposed plans?

And sometimes have you asked your time how much?
Very often the cost is always the big consideration.
And last is the safety.

No amount of money can pay for a life lost.
So put the safety to your highest priority.

Look at the video.
The area is secured, did you notice that?

When you do project planning did you consider the safety of the people working and the safety of other common people?

How about the protective gear?
Some will say, no it is not necessary.
Some will say, yes it is necessary for government compliance.
Some will say, yes it is necessary for the protection of our company.
And the best of this is, some will say, YES WE need it to PROTECT THE BEST ASSET OF OUR COMPANY, OUR SKILLED AND TALENTED PEOPLE.

You see why we always need to put the safety as the number one factor when working on a project.
Because every project have risks.
Whether it is an office project or an outdoor project.
The risk is always there.

Next, will your team discuss how to bring down the tree based on weight?
based on wind velocity?
based on foundation?
Or based on the type of the tree?

Another thing worth discussing if you may are:
1. Equipment to be used
2. Purchase or Rental
3. Hire or Outsource
4. Permitting or Permission
5. Day or Night
6. Cloudy or Sunny
7. Weekend or Weekdays
8. One strike or multiple strike
9. 1,2,3,6,8,10,20 or 30 people
10. etc..

The choices are endless but the time is wasted.

Then came the blame game, who suggested what, and how the plan came to be.

Set up your common goal and objective and that will drive you to greater success.

Now lets analyze the poetry of motion in this task.
It is a very simple task yet you can learn a lot.

Have you seen in the video how they plan out to take down the tree.
First, the areas ar secured.
Next, all the heavy machineries are setup according to when they need it.
Each member are fully equipped with the tools they need and most importantly with the protective tools that can save their lives.
Every members are fully trained on their function, they work in sync, as the branches fall down the other member takes it and immediately shred it.
You can see how they are trained when they climb from branch to branch and cut from right to left.
And also the way how they handle the equipment that can fall to them or from them.
Did you also notice how they secure themselves and how they secure the part that they are cutting into.
Have you noticed when they came to the critical areas, they consulted their lead and explained and got approval. Notice how the chain of command for critical areas and when do you make self assessment on less critical areas.
Those are the traits of a good teamwork.

In effective project management, a leader always get all the necessary information before hand and do intelligent consultation and agreement with all parties involved.
The leader takes all full accountability and responsibility in every situation.

If the project failed, the leader must take the full accountability and responsibility.
And if the project succeeds, the leader must  share all the credits to his people not just his name.
That is the true worth of effective management and traits of a good leader.

How about you, are you effective enough?

written by John P. Combalicer, a business transformation champion on IT Management, enabling business to do more with less technology. Building stronger team and mentoring people to bring out the best of them. read more at

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