- jcombalicer 17 May 2015

I think I already lost hope on humanity. Two years ago, I was so frustrated by the slow relief effort I was watching on TV by the devastation brought by Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda to our Country. It made me realize how lucky we are to have a job to keep and money to spend. I started the ITBayanihan Team to help the young kid’s victim of this devastating typhoon because I am a father as well, and with that perseverance, we are able to raise $2500 in 7days. We give the young kids a hope in that early Christmas Month. I felt so happy and I never dream we could do it. It was really hard asking people to give back. I never realize that it will brought pain because a lot of people are bashing us and insulting us, but then a glimmer of hope came out, of the 1000's we emailed, twitted and FB, there are at least 100 brave and beautiful Angel shares their blessings to us. Up to these days I'm still grateful to those men and women.

And that is the beginning why we made it every year and almost quarterly to help out people. To help build a better community for the future because together we can do more.

Now, after losing my Job, it came to my attention to triple the effort. I saw in my own eyes how hard it is to be jobless, how painful it is to look for a new job. Either you are overqualified or underqualified. As if all hopes have faded. And no one is there to help you rise up again. It was the same frustration I got trying to convince famous personality to just give us one tweet, just one tweet please or fav in our #1smileforyolandakids. It was just one tweet and we are not asking them for money at all, just to help us reach more people, but the answer was none. I cannot blame them, they are famous and I am nobody.

It made me realize to do more. Now, we are building this project #1smileforhumanity to give hope to more people. To connect real people with real angels, because they have real life with real needs. I never lost hope. And I believe there will be more Angels like you. Because TOGETHER #wecandomore. I do it because #imAnAngel.

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