To new GRADUATES - You're F_CKED - De Niro

To new GRADUATES - You're F_CKED - De Niro

Be Ready for Rejection
On this day of triumphantly graduating, a new door is opening for you: a door to a lifetime of rejection. It’s inevitable. It’s what graduates call the real world […] Rejection might sting but my feeling is that often it has very little to do with you. When you’re auditioning or pitching, the director or producer or investor may have something or someone different in mind. That’s just how it is. - Robert De Niro
and ACCEPT Failure.
It’s difficult for me to come with advice for you who have already set upon your life’s work, but I can tell you some other things I tell my own children […] I tell them don’t be afraid to fail. I urge them to take chances, to keep an open mind, to welcome new experiences and new ideas. I tell them that if you don’t go, you’ll never know. You just have to be bold and go out there and take your chances. - Robert De Niro


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