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Sorry for you I’m Busy! frown emoticon

Never ask anyone for help, if they see you are doing good or having a hard time they will offer a helping hand, only if they have the heart of an ANGEL- jcombalicer

Let’s analyze: People have a tendency to be judgmental and extremely prejudice. They don’t want to help and yet they find time to ridicule, they will say you are a waste of their time and yet they find time to malign you. The internet is full of fouls, who always felt they are entitled to be anonymously God. Some of the admin of forums feel they are the omnipotent being. BUT don’t lost hope in 100 people who will throw mud at you, there are 1 Angel who will rise up to see your true cause and support you no matter what. Keep up the good work and enjoy life. Smile for Humanity, there is always hope. 
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