Peace be with you - Para sa Mapayapa at Nagkakaisang Pilipinas

Peace be with you - Para sa Mapayapa at Nagkakaisang Pilipinas

Peace is not about taking back.
Because in the first place there is nothing  to be taken back.
The Philippines is the land of the pearl of the orient.

Long before the Americans, the Japanese, the Castila, the Moros,
We are the land of the free.

We live in harmony with our neighbors,
China, Malay, Japanese and etc...

The Philippines is so diversed with multiple Kingdom.
The Kingdom of Tondo, Kingdom of Butuan, Kingdom of Igorot
Kingdom of T'boli, Higaunon, B'laan
And lots more Kingdom, lost and forgotten.

This explains why most of our native tongue refer to sanskrit.
Because we have Hindu and Buddhist culture.
We refer to our leader or God as Bathala, Rajah and Hari.
That is why we do the "Mano po" as a sign of respect.

The women of Philippines are free to rule,
That explains the Babaylan.

Now we have the BBL.
Disguised as a weapon of peace to take back something that is not.

There are no lands to take back, because at the beginning there is none.
The Moros conquered the several Kingdoms across the peaceful Philippines.
And converted the Kingdom of Tondo to Moro.
But they were not able to convert everyone.
And that is the Legend of the Brave Dumagat of Mauban.

The Brave Dumagat who bravely fought the Moros.
And also the Brave Islander of Pollilo who fought against the invading Moros.

Look at Afghanistan, it used to be a peaceful Buddhist Kingdom,
Then history was burned to the ground and you cannot even recognize the country,
Because of centuries of wars and power grab.
The country is still tormented by wars and multiple peace agreement.

A war is a weapon of choice for people who are selling peace written on papers but not on their heart.

It is easier to conquer a divided nation than a nagkakaisang Pilipino.
If only there is someone who can unite us all.
If only the leftist will stop rallying each day.
If only we can set aside our religion just for once.
If only the rebels can lay down their arms.
If only every Filipino will stop selling their votes for Php500
If only every Filipino will unite.
We will have peace.

Filipinos are peace loving people.
We have the culture of hospitality.
We serve our guests as part of our family.

It made me questioned our lawmakers, the defender or our constitution.
Why the congress and the senate are forcing the BBL as a peace solution too hastely?
How much are we talking about for 2016 elections?
Why do we allow the Philippines to be broken apart to Moros and China?
Have we lost our faith to our Fallen heroes? Have we forgotten the brave SAF 44?

As to why our lawmakers are too ready to sell the entire Philippines to the highest bidders?
I do not know.
I do not know.
Are they serving their PARTY before the FILIPINO People?
or Are they serving the FILIPINO People before the Party?
I do not  know.

Ibinoto nyo ba sila to protect the interest ng kanilang PARTIDO?
Ibinoto nyo sila to protect the greater interest of the Filipino People?

Is there anything left from our Nationalistic Duties?
I do not know, for I am not a President, nor a Lawmaker.
For I am just one voice, doing what is right.
I am just a simple Filipino, a husband and Tatay.

If the BBL is really for peace then let every Filipino decide and vote for our Peace.

Is there still anyone here who genuinely love the Philippines?
Is there still an Angel who will rise up to Unite the Filipinos.

PEACE will come if we are ready to accept that we are all human.
A peace loving Human working together for peaceful communities.

PEACE will come if we are ready to accept our thy neighbors without being hostaged to one sided negotiations.

PEACE is about loving each other, and respect them entirely for their belief.
PEACE is NOT about papers, arms, money and power.
PEACE is about laying down powers NOT grabbing more powers.
And most importantly PEACE is NOT about RELIGION.


PEACE be with YOU!

Nalulungkot ako para sa Pilipinas baka dumating ang araw wala ng Pilipinas.

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