Goooooogle is dying faster than we thought?

Goooooogle is dying faster than we thought?
-12 May 2015 jcombalicer

Google was the fastest rising ebusiness circa 2000's
but its growth was slowing recently
and beginning to plateau this past few years.

They begin divesting to other solutions
And the google we know is not the same company anymore.

Google was born as a search engine company.
Delivering you the fastest search result on the internet.
The most highly accurate search we know back then.
And the word google became a verb.

It became a common household name

Google was trying to solve the most common issue back then.
"I want to find something and I need it now"
Yahoo is a directory and portal at once,
Giving you daily tidbits of everything, directory to guide you in the internet
And a search engine.

MSN is a portal and search engine
That everyone knows but hardly used by everyone.

Yahoo, altavista and others are the stars of search engine.
With all the bells and whistles you can find.

But, there's a big but.
Everyone tried too much to outdo everyone,
The site become to bloat and the internet as we knew it before was not ready yet
the infrastructure is not capable of the sudden burst of users
And heavy flash, animations, effects and of course banners ads such gif and flash.

Users are frustrated and chatroom such as MIRC, ICQ, messenger
 become the commonplace to search.
Then came google, the hero "the do no evil" company

Everyone are talking about this bland site.

No bells or whistles
Just function.
Function like we want it to be.

It was simple,
Key In what you're looking for
And voila it will show you the results in an instance

No messy ads showing up.

Easy and clean looking.

Now moving forward to today.
Google have amassed different company from different industry
Several acquisition from left and right
From top to bottom
To all corners of the globe.
They are everywhere.

Some failed, some succeeded.
Some are loved, some are hated.

But the hatred grows each year,
It grows each month
Now it seems to grow each day.

Who can still remember when google gives gmail
An exclusive invite only email with 1GB storage.
That was absurd. Yahoo only give us 2MB and others maybe 10MB
And we need to constantly erase and monitor our email for spam.

Now we dont monitor our email for spam,
Email is slowly dying.
We have too much storage and too much spam
That we want to leave email altogether if only we can

Social media give us a chance to slowly detach from email.

Now when you ask for people's contact they will give you their social media account
And tell you to send them a message via FB, viber, line and etc...

The hatred from google leads to new channel
A new solution was born out of that hatred
And lack of focus.

When google killed google notebook i was like wow
What happen to wonderful product
No transitional products or tools.
No road map or timeline

We are left with no choice but to accept it.

Now from plateau to decline.
Everything that goes up must come down.
And we don't know if that will go down so fast and recover.

Suddenly Microsoft is the superstar again
People are championing at Microsoft with Azure.
Cloud enable solutions.

But wait, isn't just a rehash of old technology back to the main frame days?
And Amazon is one of the pioneers of reviving it back?
Why is Microsoft kicking everyone's back as a leader?

Because of usability 
Because of support
Because of commitment

Google tried too hard taking the enterprise
But they failed so many times.

A little bit of that, and a little bit of those,
It was like nit picking.
Now it became a chopsuey with spices

Google became the evil company that we dont want them to be.

It's very frightening,
They know more about us
Than our family knows about us
Than ourself knows about us.

Who can bring back the hero in google
Can you be the Angel to rise up the Hero?

They forgot to go back to their original roots.
I tried to apply to google before but they want people from sales

They are not the same google anymore who champion the heart of IT people
The IT people who dream of working with the best.

Now it all became how much.
Its no longer about the quality.
No longer about commitment.
No longer about the passion to give solutions.

A meaningful solutions
That will reap rewards soon.

It become reap now and plant tommorow
The google consumer side is dying.
And google was threaten
They need to move fast with android

But android become more and more painful to develop
With Too much hardware, version and diversity
Too much spam and less security

Those are like the days when google was hailed as a hero

A hero to rescue everyone from insanity
Insanity of managing technology to work

They are giving us google fiber and loon
To be connected the unconnected
Why? because there are few and few new people are signing up
The sudden rise are coming to stretch halt
The sound is excruciating to hear

Its a very prolific idea and I personally commend google for that
But they failed to anticipate it before.
The idea should have been delivered long time ago
And now the implementation is way too slow.

More and more people are demanding it to become a reality in their areas.

Google are facing a lot of bureaucratic troubles at home and overseas.
Yes they can recover but they need to recover fast.

The market will always be there to take.
But maybe its no longer google who will do the picking.

Who or what will be the next google of 2020?

They still have 5 years to rebound.

Can you do the rebound for them?

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