Can YOU Shine Alone? :-)-:

Can YOU Shine Alone? :-)-:
-12May2015 jcombalicer

#akoyPinoy director

I help in bringing out the best from people
To bring out the best that they didnt know they can.

i Help them see their shine at their best
To shine at their best and to see what they can be.

I'm not a star
Who will take away your shine

I carry the light at the back of the camera to shine on you
To guide you, to lift you up, to see you.
We are the unseen people,
Though they cannot see us
But they can feel our work
Not knowing who we are.
Because that whats we are
a Nameless people at your side

I'm always at your side
helping you to do your best.
Encouraging you to master your craft

I'm your worst mentor, pushing you to the limits
Because I know you can do better.

You walked out on me, and curse me to hell.
The credit is all yours to have
And we respect that.
AND I am always ready to welcome you back.

Someday when your shine is losing out,
You will remember who helps you
 to make it shine as bright as a SUN

A director who helps you to remember your past
Because your past makes you the star that you are now

The past makes you a better and stronger person.

Now let me hold that light again,

and Now shine again, 
BRIGHTER than your failed past.

Shine brighter
for the future.

-Your Mentor and Director

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