#AngelisRising soon - Securing the Future

An Angel is Rising soon
Securing the future
-1st of May 2015 / jcombalicer

The future of our nation is on our hands today,
Not yesterday, and definitely not tomorrow.
Today is the right time to make it secured.

Secured for everyone,
Secured for the future.
Secured for the next generation.

Securing the future generation for our youth
A future that is full of love and life
A life that is full of chances to experience at its best

The best of us by giving them a secured future
where they can live life at peace.
No apprehensions, No worries and no fears.

No more grieving mother,
who lost their daughters to.......

No more grieving father,
who lost their sons to.........

No more grieving souls, we say NO MORE.
What we need is more of brave angels.

Be one of the Angels,
Or be left behind?

The future is in your hand.
Will you be there?

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