BAYANIHAN sa BAYAN ni JUAN. Kaya natin ito.

Kaya natin ito.

isinulat bilang pagmamalasakit sa bawat isa sa atin. isang lingo matapos and bagyong Yolanda – 15 Nobyembre 2013 – John P. Combalicer
rizal dambana
Let Us all be a CHAMPION, I hope the PRESIDENT can appear again on TV to declare national week of mourning and volunteerism, to CHAMPION every FILIPINO and to uplift the morale of Pinoys who everyday watch in vain the news in Visayas. My request to the PRESIDENT condemn looting and ask everyone to help each other to clean up roads, to put up feeding center to immediately serve people who are waiting for relief and airlift.
Yolanda Bayanihan

This is the most heart breaking part is have ever seen, imagine sleeping beside your decomposing love ones and wondering you are you going to say it to your MAMA
Mama…………………………………………….Mama………………………… very heart breaking part
Philippines Typhoon Yolanda - mass grave

Its NEVER to late help many rebeccas waiting for our help
Yolanda - Children of flight Yolanda - Children
Yolanda - Children Crying

I hope we can all follow what is happening in ORMOC, people have respect and knows how to help each other withour resulting to looting. IF ORMOC CAN DO IT, ALL DISASTER STRICKEN AREA CAN DO IT.

OTHER NAtionalities are more than willing to help us, even doctors who save lives. American Doctors performs surgery by flashlight.
Yolanda - doctors flashlight

Even other passerby help each other. Mother gives birth to hope in the rubble.
Yolanda - Tacloban Church

NFA Warehouse raided by looters 11 Dead including security guard who was stabbed. Stealing in whatever forms wheter small or big is stealing. THE LOOTED rice CAN FEED Thousand families, it will now only feed few strong men, the thousand weak men are always left victim in MOB Mentality. The media and government should start condemning it, no matter how small it is, it will reverberate until its too late to control. Please dont find any reason to justify it. It will cause more suffering. It will be too late and your last belongings will be taken, that even your neighbor will try to get what you have. Think of the future generation and not for ourselves. Let us be remembered that we didn’t make something wrong, something right.
Yolanda Looting
Typhoon Yolanda Leyte Store owner protecting from looters - Francis Malasig EPA POLITICS in DONATION
2. Young boy was stabbed by looters
3. ARMED Group LEADS Looters with SUV waiting outside
4. Looters take cigarettes and other appliances in Robinson mall
5. Looters Ransacked Homes
THOSE NEWS ABOVE ALREADY reached BBC, NBC, CBS, CNN and other international news outlet which is very saddening. We have culture of BAYANIHAN. We have a choose, AND that CHOOSE is NOW to make it right.

Yolanda Volunter Yolanda Japan Helping Us
STOP BLAMING, STOP EXCUSES, STOP DENYING. The earlier we acknowledge our failure and mistakes, the sooner we can correct it to SAVE LIVES. We have a CHANCE, AND that CHANCE is NOW to make it right.
Yolanda - Nations Helping others
Lets us work together and respect each other. We can do it.
2. FILIPINOS Overseas mobilize to help
3. World Unite to help Pilipinas
Yolanda - Japanese boy
4. The world DONATE to Pilipinas
5. Kindness and HOPE emerge from Yolanda Tragedy

ITV raise a billion Pesos in just 48 hours from UK

Yolanda - empire state tribute
LETS US MOVE FORWARD, remove all the PORK BARREL, move all the pork barrel budget to CREATE a NEW DEPARTMENT, "DEPARTMENT of PEACE and SAFETY", and YES NAKAKATAWA man ang pangalan ng DEPARTMENT PERO TOTOO, at ako ang unang-una mag vovolunter kahit WALANG BAYAD to become the 1st Head, at dapat ay may POLITICAL IMMUNITY, Walang POLITICAL APPOINTMENT to avoid corruption and Abuse of POWER, IT WILL WORK like PRIVATE CORPORATION. We need to be more prepared, during natural calamity and man made disaster like in Tacloban, Bohol and Zamboanga. The FIRST Action PLAN to identify and create safe evacuation sites in each municipality. Not just school, because even our school are made of substandard material, not just gymnasium that are made of basketball court material where people cannot even have a peaceful sleep where every bench bears the name of the incumbent politicians, not field that will be flooded and it will cause more misery to people.

Tulong – tulong, Magkaisa kaya ng bawat mamayan ng mundo…
Yolanda Give birth

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