Sick of LOVEsick: A meal for my empty Heart

Sick of LOVEsick: A meal for my empty Heart
-Written by jcombalicer July 3,2009

Gone are the days that I long for your sweetness and longing for you to prepare me a sumptuous breakfast in bed. Gone are the mornings that I welcome the warmth of the new morning with your body close to mine. The morning with a small talk even in very low voice yet we understand each other by just gazing into each other eyes, I missed your lovely eyes, I missed those simple moments. We say goodbye and take care as if we’re not going to see each other later. Those breakfast meal that completes our morning, we don’t have it anymore.

I'm longing for you by
every morning.

Gone are the days that I long for your sweet voice, waiting for you to call me while I’m taking my lunch. Gone are the afternoon that I just smile deep inside me, didn’t even bother if someone are looking at me. I wanted to enjoy more the food even it is bland, when you call and I heard your voice, it become a food made in heaven. I want to show the whole world how happy I am with you. I want to scream and thank God that we are together. People I met and passed by notice my glow. The glow that you kept lit. Now that you are gone, who will lighten my life?

I'm longing for you by every afternoon.

Gone are the days that I long for someone to lit my life in the evening, gone are the night that I wait patiently for you to pick me up at work. Though you are late, I still smile and ask you ‘how’s your day?’ I want to show you that I care. I want you to know that I’m not angry. I am happy that you have arrived safe to be there for me. The distance and troubles you take just to be there, I could not be much happier. We take our dinner, though you don’t like the food that I like, you will still smile and say ‘Good, indulge and thank you for this wonderful meal.’ The day will not be complete without you saying goodnight and iloveyou. Who will spark my night, spark like the twinkle of the stars? Who will comfort me through the coldness of the night? I no longer have the light that will keep me shine.

I'm longing for you by every evening.

A day and each day
I wish I could have you more but you are gone. I wish I have cherished
every second, every moment that you are here.
my friend...
I wish I could have told you earlier.
I wish I could set aside my fear and take us who we are.


I promise that I will live this day and every new day with our wonderful memories,
and welcome each day with a smile in my heart.

I don’t have empty heart anymore.

I'm longing for you each passing day.

I will long for you for a lifetime...

*based on a recent conversation with a friend who just lost a Lover and a few weeks later a father.

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