A Selfish Us...

A Selfish Us...

-written by jcombalicer July 19, 2009

As I lay here in the cold corner of our room
    While you are minding your own things

You never ask me how I feel
   the feeling of being empty inside me.
A feeling that makes me want
   to put wedge inside my broken heart
A heart that lays empty inside of me
    the heart that grows tirelessly weak
Each second that passes with you
    without you touching my skin
My skin that longs to be caressed
    caress, that i wish that will come into my empty corner
How could you say you love me?
    while I am here lying in this cold empty corner
My heart is aching so much

     As I catch my breathe
I can feel all the pain inside me
     the pain that kills every senses of me
The breath that slowly twitch every feelings inside me

My Love I don’t
     want to breathe no more

This air that we breathe
     the air that we used to share
The air that used to bind our togetherness
     if this is love
I want to end this right now
     the suffering inside me, I can’t take it no more

If this is how you show your compassion
     the coldness in you
No more happy conversations
     no more cherished moments

Just the sight of you standing still in your own corner
     you just walked behind me
You didn’t even bother to say goodbye
Even have the courage to talk to me

You said you love me
     but my love where is your courage?

Talk to me
     I need to hear your voice
The voice that tells me that I am with you

How can you ask for more?
     When you can’t even talk to me the way we were before

I guess this is a selfish Us ....

*based on our encounter with daily life, struggling to compose ourself when we walk inside a place that no one dare to talk to us.

Photo courtesy of Mr. Christian Valle Bederico http://xtian008.multiply.com/photos/album/92/PHOTOWALK_People#8

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